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Basic package

Expansion Pack

Professional package
 Total contract execution time, regardless of the time of exchangeTotal design time     55 days 50 days 40d 35 days
 Time of implementation of the preliminary documents, ie the idea file, the general design ideas of the whole projectTime to prepare preliminary documents (stage 1)     25 days 20 days 15 days 15 days
 Time to implement technical implementation from the general idea has been unifiedTime for making construction technical documents (stage 2)     30 days 30 days 25 days 20 days
 After the preliminary agreement, if the excess of this correction, the customer will have to pay additional costs and timePermit correction level     0% 0% 0% 0%
 A procedural dossier to work with the authorities.  The content will be prepared carefully by VIETAA regulations.Application documents (after 5-7 days)          
 Perspective profile is a drawing of the house as it was built, a way for customers to see in front of their house when not built.  For those who are really interested in facial beauty!Profile facade frontage    
 This is the most important part for you to fully understand your home, how to divide rooms, organize transportation, spaces that are related to each other.Basic architecture profile (deployment areas)
 The extended architecture profile is an addition to the underlying architecture profile.  It will make your home more complete.Expanded architectural profile (floor, ceiling)          
 Complete the whole house interior detail on the premises, to achieve the best conditions for use, aesthetics and feng shui.Interior profile (interior layout)          
 The profile of the structure is of great significance to ensure the construction of the house.  It provides full and detailed construction items such as windows, stairs, sanitation, balcony, ...Detailed profile of the structure (detailed engineering details)    
 This is also an important dossier, it studies the structure of load bearing structure of the whole project, distribution of steel, ... to ensure the strength and cost savings of the project.Structural profile (load bearing structure)    
 These sets include detailed engineering drawings for electrical engineering, lighting, lightning protection, water supply and drainage, etc. It ensures easy and error-free construction. construction process.Other technical dossiers (electricity, telephone, lightning, water supply and drainage)      
 The construction cost list enumerates all items attached to the quantity and unit price, helping you to manage the cost of construction works.Construction budget (list of volume, unit price, sum of money items)        
 Author supervision is a form of supervisor who is responsible for answering questions of the builder about issues related to the construction of the house, editing the drawing when necessary.Author supervision (Answering questions, correcting application files)          
 The completed documentation will help you to manage your final design, making it easier to repair and upgrade your home later.Construction completion dossiers (dossiers saved after the works completion)        

Unit price

7tr 9tr 90,000 (VND / m2) 110,000 (VND / m2) VND 140,000 (VND / m2) VND 160,000 (VND / m2)
ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS: Unit price (add to unit price) Time (plus time)
 The portfolio includes many holograms illustrating the lively and practical interior spaces as they have been constructed so that customers can visualize and make appropriate adjustments before embarking on construction.Interior profile of the whole house +60,000 (VND / m2) + 5 days (in round 1)
 The profile includes technical drawings that detail the interior items such as false ceiling, wall, floor, detail of each furniture such as bed, cabinet, table, chair, ... The profile is very detailed to ensure any team of workers can work.Technical documentation of interior construction +40,000 (VND / m2) +5 days (on stage 2)
 Profile of feng shui at the basic level, meet most of the basic feng shui requirements, closely combined with the architectural records, furniture to ensure the feng shui reasonable for the whole. home Feng Shui (basic) +10,000 (VND / m2) + 2 days (on stage 1)
 Research on feng shui at the advanced level, professional, more in-depth study on many related issues, this feng shui package is an attribute equivalent to an independent feng shui project package.Feng Shui (professional) +25,000 (VND / m2) +5 days (on stage 2)

Area coefficient:
- If the total floor area is over 350 m2, multiply the unit price with the coefficient of 0.9. 
- If the total floor area is from 250 to 350 m2, multiply the unit price with the coefficient 1 
- If the total floor area is from 150 to 250 m2, multiply the above unit by 1.2 
- If the total floor area From 50 to 150 m2, multiply the unit price with the factor of 1.6 
- If the total floor area is less than 50 m2, multiply the unit price with the coefficient of 2. 
- The provisions multiplied by the above coefficient does not apply to Savings package and add-on package

Rehabilitation coefficient:
- The above unit price applicable to new houses and houses to be upgraded. 
- For renovators change the frame structure, expand the surrounding, change the facade, multiply with the coefficient of 1.2 - 1.5, depending on the level. 
- The above mentioned multiplier rules do not apply to the Savings and Extra Packages