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Bedroom layout according to feng shui


Arranging a bedroom of a villa or a nice bedroom according to feng shui

According to Feng Shui principles applied in architecture and art of interior arrangement, "destiny of the East" should sleep in "East Four beds", while "destiny of the West" should sleep in "Western bed" . Those who belong to the five elements of Water, Carpentry, and Fire belong to the "Eastern destiny", therefore, the beds placed in the North, East, South and Southeast will be good. Those who belong to the destiny of the Kim and Tho in the Five Elements of the "destiny of the West" bed should be located in the Northeast, Northwest, Southwest and West.

The arrangement of the bedroom is natural, but the setting of a beautiful villa bed or a beautiful bed is not beyond the methods that Feng Shui study:  

- Bed should be placed in the sand direction of the destiny: " The bed of relative merit "is very important, that means" destiny of the East "should sleep" East bed "in contrast to" destiny of the West "should sleep in" Western bed "like that will sleep soundly and spiritually enjoy 

- Headboard should be in the direction of the destiny: The function of sleep, rest is to let the brain rest. Therefore, the head pillow in the sand will attract sandy continuously during sleep to help you sleep and when you wake up comfortably. It should be noted, if the bed is placed in the position of sand direction of the destiny but the headboard is not placed in the direction of the sand of the destiny, then the air movement will be greatly reduced. Bedroom should be bright. 

- Beautiful villa bedroom or beautiful bedroom must be bright, not so dark: The ideal bedroom environment is clear day, the light is flooded to avoid cramped sound, and the night light is calming the eyes makes the soul relaxed and quiet. The dark bedroom will make the will down, in which case it is necessary to put a bed near the window to get more light. In addition, the bed should be placed in the "star-studded position" of the destiny because the "star-studded star" means static at motionlessness.

- Absolutely do not put a bed or villa in a beautiful house under concrete beams, wooden beams, ...

- Do not put the headboard in the direction of the street (because that is the direction of the corpse) 

"Why do you serve" of "destiny of East Quartet": 
Destiny "Chan - carpentry", bed should be placed in the east 
The destiny "Spending - carpentry", the bed should be placed in the southeast direction. 
Destiny "Ly - fire", bed should be placed in the south position. 
The "Mosaic - water" destiny, the bed should be placed in the North. 

"How to serve" of "destiny of the West".  
The "Khon - earth" parade, the bed should be placed in the southwestern position. 
The "Can - earth" bed, the bed should be placed in the southeast direction. 
The "Can - kim" clause, the bed should be placed in the northwest direction. 
The "Doai - kim" par, the bed should be placed in the Western direction.