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Color under feng shui perspective

Feng shui is the method, the natural design and positioning art of the universe. A peaceful life must achieve balance and harmony between yin and yang. A design, a perfect picture must apply the yin and yang balance law. So colors are also categorized into Yin and Yang colors and it is also used in the Five Elements theory. 

Hot colors like Red - Orange - Yellow are Ocean colors (In the basic color circle it is colors from 01 to 48) 
Cold colors like Blue - Green are Negative colors (From 49 to 96 colors on the ring Basic color circle) 

Kim = represents white. 

Carpentry = Green. 

Thuy = Black. 

Fire = Red. 

Earth = Gold.

Any action in the Five Elements is also correlated with other actions according to mutual or mutual relationship.

Correspondents and can work together are: 
Water and Carpentry = Black and Green. 
Carpentry and Fire = Green and Red. 
Fire and Earth = Red and Yellow. 
Earth and Kim = Yellow and White. 
Kim and Thuy = White and Black. 

The interdependent and incompatible actions are: 
Tho and Thủy = Gold and Black. 
Water and Fire = Black and Red. 
Fire and Kim = Red and White. 
Kim and Carpentry = White and Green. 
Moc and Tho = Green and Yellow. 

Similarly, when mixing colors from 02 colors or more, people also apply the principles of mutuality and similarity. 

Coordinating the three actions to have a mutuality is: 
Kim - Thuy - Moc = White - Black - Green. 
Carpentry - Fire - Earth = Green - Red - Yellow.
Tho - Kim - Thuy = Yellow - White - Black ..