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Feng shui in modern architecture


Feng shui in modern architecture


Hue citadel took Ngu Binh mountain (south of Huong river)  
as a conviction and two small islands on Huong river are Hen (Thanh 
Long) and Da Vien (Bach Ho) alcohol that made dragon adoration.

From a feng shui point of view, our life is related to the evolution of the universe and transformation. The power of combining people with the surrounding environment is called "gas". Gas like breath, is an essential part of maintaining the balance from material to human living environment. Gas in the house also affects the air in the body. Studying the effect of gas in the surrounding environment with personal gas is an important part of feng shui art, in order to promote natural strength, avoid risks, to help achieve good. The goal of feng shui is to direct the entire atmosphere of the environment to improve the movement of the gas in the range possible, thereby improving people's lives. Wanting to improve the exterior in the modern world, the feng shui elements in architecture and interior are very important.


The location of this hamlet is very good according to feng shui.

Due to the needs of modern society, people build roads, high-rise buildings, create electric systems, air-conditioners, fans ... Therefore, feng shui art also sets many improvement laws to suit with modern environment. Roads and highways such as rivers and streams, artificial light replace a part of natural light ... The positioning of houses is not merely mountains, rivers, wind ... Traffic routes, highways, houses High rise, all have a clear influence on the residents.

In addition to the factors affecting the gas of the land, the house, the factors affecting the gas in the house are influenced by the interior decoration, colors and materials of the house space. Modern life helps us to improve nature according to our own will, bringing comfort to life. But so, we tend to overlook the factors that affect feng shui. Some people even consider feng shui as bullshit and superstition. The falseness in feng shui does not work immediately but poses a long-term harm to people.

We will in turn introduce to the readers the main principles of feng shui in architecture and interior in modern life.