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Feng shui service

Currently in Vietnam, Feng Shui still focuses on developing in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In other provinces, people are difficult to access prestigious and professional Feng Shui services. Inviting experts who are good at live viewing will take a lot of time and cost and also have to spend the cost of accommodation and accommodation for experts.

In addition, to arrange to meet directly with prestigious experts such as expert feng shui Nguyen The earliest for remote provinces, at the same time is not easy because of the need to meet a lot.

Meeting the needs of customers, we designed the Feng Shui Online Consulting package  .

With online Feng Shui consultancy package  , you only have to pay a very moderate cost. For beautiful houses, the design cost is only  3,900,000 VND ; Villa only  8,000,000 VND . The design time is 5-7 days and still the lead and direction of feng shui expert.

We will provide you with a complete profile to have a  standard Feng Shui home , a complete set of online Feng shui files including:

  1. Site master plan.
  2. Interior layout,
  3. Premises to arrange items of feng shui feng shui,
  4. Paint color, size of doors according to Feng Shui standards.
  5. Groundbreaking date and entry.
  6. Loan age counseling to build houses.