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6 Simple Feng Shui Principles

6 simple feng shui principles

According to feng shui, the interior decoration of a room will have an impact on many aspects of life. If your home or place of work is a messy, sure, emotional life, health and your money will not be as you want. 

Here are the 6 simplest principles that help feng shui elements blend well with your home and life:

  • A messy living and working space will make the air flow impossible to harmonize. Limit this by cleaning your home and office regularly and removing all unused items.
  • If there is anything to fix, fix it quickly and simply or throw it away immediately. 

Planting trees in the interior will be very good, if you take care of them carefully.

  • Be careful with small objects, but are easy to cause clutter, such as types of bills or handwritten letters. Doing so allows you to always feel refreshed and comfortable.
  • Using bonsai in a habitat is a good solution, but try to take care (fertilizing, showering) them carefully to stay healthy. Plants with circular leaves are better than others.
  • It is also not advisable to let the wind get in too much because they can make your money go away and cause health problems.
  • Avoid arranging too many lights with lighting, causing dazzling and minimizing objects with sharp shapes.