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 Design house, beautiful house design. Select a construction design consultant

- Without a construction consultant, the homeowner can still build a home. Even the preparation of the application for a construction permit in step 2 can also be hired by a consultant. However, the role of a consultant, home designer for a building is more than that.

- Hire a villa design consultant or design a nice house (provided that the good design consultant has many years of experience in the office, especially outside the field experience) for his house. , what is the host? First of all, they will have a structured, coherent structure that is consistent with the functions and requirements of all family members. The space will make the most of the area for living, transportation, transportation, have the wells, the floor to get light and ventilation for the area, not light. The space will create spacious spaces, square, turn the convex uvular, ugly wall, columns into the wall space to wardrobe, wardrobe, cabinet decoratively reasonable. The plot is interwoven into the green spaces of the ornamental plants,

- Hire a villa design consultant or design a nice house (provided that the good design consultant has many years of experience in the office, especially outside the field experience) for his house. , what is the host? They also have a beautiful appearance outside the house, suitable for personal preferences and requirements, suitable for the surrounding urban environment, suitable for the technology of construction and building materials. The most advanced, affirm the style of the owner.

- Hire a villa design consultant or design a nice house (provided that the good design consultant has many years of experience in the office, especially outside the field experience) for his house. , what is the host? Since the house has not been formed, they have been able to see intuitively, feel the space of the house to make appropriate adjustments, avoid errors and discomfort when the house was actually built. make it, and it is very difficult to change these inappropriate points. The owner can know and estimate the cost of the whole house, from the overall to the small details, to adjust the types of materials to suit, avoid the overhead costs too much. construction process, ensure the schedule.

In addition, to some of the consulting units that have feng shui research, the host also calculates the space, layout of the main door, stairs, kitchen position, direction kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and Furnishings suitable with feng shui, so that when in the home feel comfortable, comfortable, good luck business, is the leverage for career and health. Designing houses, offices, hotels, manufacturing workshops, commercial centers ... need to attract gas to the house. Enlightenment can be like the radio station, like the bright, neat, neat, clean, green grass, like the fragrant smell, mellow sound, cheerful ... and vice versa The gas is afraid of the dark, cluttered, dirty. The gas does not like the fading, barren, devastated .... Gas into many works and stored is very good for you.

When planning to build a home, the homeowner should provide the designer with summary information about the family, the plot, and the preferences of family members such as the need to build several floors, car garage or not, living room area how much, use the dining room with the kitchen space and not need the minimum layout for how many people, need some bedroom, do more children room , bedrooms with separate toilette or common ... The more detailed the list, the more the designer has the basis to imagine the living conditions of the host to lead to solution design in line well suited.

- On the interior design of the house (including the decorative design of the ceiling, walls, floor, light design, design and style furniture ...) This, but if you start the early design can help the house more complete. Because if after the construction of the raw house began to design furniture, interior experts say that it is necessary to break the wall, build another wall array, ... then the cost to change will. Expensive and time consuming construction.

 Nowadays, there are many design companies that after contracting with their customers, they do not directly design (sell design contractor) for another small design group (called B commode), they keep 40% to 60% of the contract value. So the receiver (B comm.) Is only 40% - 60% of the contract value and B is usually the new graduates, engineers graduated (not experienced), even the students are. learn the implementation. So poor design quality, many shortcomings, not practical and when brought to the construction will not be more reasonable and the dam to fix it is of course. When this happens, you are the most disadvantaged: poor aesthetics, poor quality, extended construction time and costs increase, the use of poor. When selling design bids,

 - Price reasonable design for the works (Villa, Hotel, House, Restaurant, Office, Factory ...) invite you to see the construction design price. Designers with low quotes often have weak capacity, so the quality of the design file is poor and when the construction investors have to dismantle and repair several times and this makes the cost of construction will be higher than the difference in cost of design, quality is poor. In addition, the design contractors get a low price, they design it really waste (30 tons of iron, for example, they add 9 tons more to the responsibility, so the price of the iron component of the building. It costs about VND180 million, similar to the concrete they are wasting, which causes huge damage to the owner. The design cost for the project is not large,



Home design . Quoc Cuong Trade Construction Co., Ltd has designed beautiful house.



Home design . Quoc Cuong Trade Construction Co., Ltd has designed this beautiful house.



*** A perfect home design needs the following elements:

       * Designing company:  Direct design of the house (not the design contractor), architects and construction engineers must have many years of design experience in the office and many years outside construction work, there. Good professional ethics.  

       *  Architecture: Beautiful exterior design, especially the facade should be beautiful and suitable for the surrounding landscape, the layout of the floor is reasonable, ventilation, natural light is thoroughly exploited, bring the light itself All rooms are non-smoking. Need to create a natural well for natural air.Limit the use of air conditioning to prevent sinusitis, cold ... and also limit the use of fans, because using more fans will cause dehydration, dry skin. Ceilings and walls should be designed in detail to create decorative panels, while filling the concrete columns protruding from the walls, in the ceiling should show some decorative lights, colors walls, ceilings, slightly kitchen. Besides beautiful elements, airy, reasonable function we need attention to feng shui: Kitchen direction, kitchen position, stairs, The number of stairs per floor is in the Birth (4N + 1) or Aging (4N + 2) where N belongs to the set of natural numbers. If the house has multiple floors, bed should not be placed on the stove. cook) should not be "lying on fire". Bathrooms and WC are not located above the kitchen. Doors are very important to create a living environment. The size of the main entrance to the house and the doors of the dining room, kitchen, bedroom, worship room, living room need to take the hole with the ban good supply (finance, fortune, , science, joy, sand, son ...); Separate the door to the toilet must take a hole with a bad bow to limit the gas to the area is not clean. In the mathematical proposition, the wrong thing goes wrong. (The unclean sanitary area of size with the bad supply of the entrance to the toilet will not give birth to air here, so vitality comes to where we are. need). Choosing the size of the door so the life will go to places such as church, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, stairs ... so designers need to know Feng Shui works. will be a lot better. In addition, if you live generously, compassion along with the right design feng shui will make your career grow fast, sustainable, happy family, good health ... So designers need to know feng shui, the works will be much better. In addition, if you live generously, compassion along with the right design feng shui will make your career grow fast, sustainable, happy family, good health ... So designers need to know feng shui, the works will be much better. In addition, if you live generously, compassion along with the right design feng shui will make your career grow fast, sustainable, happy family, good health ...

       *  Structural section: Prior to design engineers must know the geology of the site to be designed to design the nails accordingly. (If you do not know geologically can lead to nail is not guaranteed strength or can lead to waste. big for the investor). It is necessary to ensure firmly the whole work including foundation, beam, pole, beams, floor, bracing, wall, ... There are some weak structural engineers, not knowledgeable about architecture should arrange momentum, column Overhanging from the wall is so much cramped inside the house, losing space, encroaching space, losing aesthetics. Therefore, the structural design required to ensure good bearing force while ensuring aesthetics. At present there are many experienced and weak structural engineers, so instead of designing from foundation to roof for example 20 tons of iron is to ensure safety and good bearing. These engineers lacked responsibility and lack of confidence, so they added another 7 tons of iron for peace of mind (a total of 27 tons of iron). This caused the phenomenon "crispy crunch" texture and huge waste to the owner. Structural design is very important to ensure the strength, but must be reasonable. This is only good engineers, experienced, conscientious and responsible to implement.

       *  Electrical system:  It is necessary to design the pipes and electrical cables of good quality, note how many rooms are in each room, how many lamps, air conditioners, ... Overload. The main line from the clock must be a large cross section. Should design with grounding wires, it is recommended to design shock-resistant circuit breakers for each floor. It is also a good idea to design a backup generator and line. In addition, some high-end projects also designed additional electrical control and induction system for all locations in the works.

       *  Plastic drainage pipe system:  It is necessary to design good pipes (longevity). At present, there are a number of sewer design companies located in the columns. This is a very serious fault, because the plastic pipes in the column will reduce the column strength of the concrete to reduce the strength, not to mention the water in the process of cracking can be water permeability. This leads to the iron column, dangerous for the work. After the use time, the water pipe will be aging and the water to the column to cause damage to the building. The plastic pipes draining water to the manholes need a rabbit to keep the water, so as not to foul odors from the sewer into the house.

        The living person needs a clear mind, a clear mind. Nice villa or nice house too. When designing the drainage section, it is absolutely imperative not to place the septic tank in the center of the house (because if the septic tank is placed in the center of the house, it will destroy the fountain, feng shui is extremely bad).

       *  The telecommunications system:  cable television, ADSL or WiFi, telephone wire, CCTV, doorbell screen, ... should be clearly shown in the design.

       *  Lightning protection:  If your work is higher or equal to the work next to it, it is necessary to design lightning protection system, including lightning collecting needle (lightning collecting needle with 51m, 41m, 20m , 10m, ...), copper wires lead from lightning collecting needle down to the piles and going deep into the ground.

       * Fire protection and fire alarm if needed . This is usually used for hotels, restaurants, offices, factories, etc. In the case of villas or townhouses, if you have economic conditions, it is recommended to use fire alarms and fire extinguishers automatically. for man and goods.

         The design must have exit doors (very necessary in the event of an incident): On all floors (if the house has a balcony) must have a door to open the balcony (the door will exit good than many doors open). If the alley is less than 6m without a balcony, it can make an indented balcony (called a lot) and open the door to exit to escape. If you do not do the balcony, the window in the front of the floor is guarded iron frame and here the hinges are locking the security frame (in case of fire or explosion, unlock the protection frame to escape).

        In order to successfully complete a perfect house design, the implementers must be well-qualified architects who have many years of practical experience and have good, good and well-built construction engineers. years of experience in the field.

        Quoc Cuong Trade Construction Co., Ltd, we have a well-qualified architects and engineers who have over twenty years of experience, have experienced feng shui experts to design the house. with the best quality for your project. Please come to Quoc Cuong Company to receive the best service with the best quality.


       QUOC CUONG CONSTRUCTION TRADING CO., LTD. Designed this beautiful house following the semi-classical architecture in Ho Chi Minh City.











ANG PHI WARD, DISTRICT 12, HCM CITY.  Construction area: 6m x 18m.  April 2015.

BEAUTIFUL DESIGN.  ANG PHI WARD, DISTRICT 12, HCM CITY. Construction area: 6m x 18m. April 2015. 



Co Hong House, Location: Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City.  Construction area: 5m * 20m.  June 2014.


   BEAUTIFUL DESIGN.  Co Hong House, Location: Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City. Construction area: 5m * 20m. June 2014.



Ms. Shen's house;  Location: Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City;  Construction area: 5m x 18.5m;  March 2015.

BEAUTIFUL DESIGN. Modern 3-story house. INVESTOR: CONGREGATION Location: An Phu, Ho Chi Minh City, Construction area: 5m x 18.5m;




 Home design .  Hoang's house; Location: Ho Chi Minh City; January 2015. Construction area: 5,05m x 16m. 1 ground + 1 mezzanine + 3 floors.






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