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Villa design  is always a familiar theme for good architects as well as good interior designers. With their creativity, they always bring us comfortable, comfortable and unique living spaces. So what is the villa design? With firm steps asserted brand and reputation in the professional field of design beautiful villa ,  designed beautiful home  . With experience gained on the basis of success in over 20 years of operation. Invite us to explore this concept:  

What is a villa? 

The villa is a  spacious living space  set on a spacious plot of land, surrounded by a spacious, airy courtyard garden, with solid barriers . In the villa often fully integrated living space, entertainment, work ... (such as swimming pool, garage and tennis courts). Villas will have a very comfortable living space and comfortable, quiet, so they are usually located in the outskirts of the city, countryside or quiet farm.

Select a consultant to design beautiful villas, beautiful house

- No architectural design consultant, real estate owner can still  build the villa. Even the preparation of the application for a construction permit can also  be hired by a consultant. However, the role of a consultant  for a villa construction is more than that.

- Hire a consultant to design a nice villa, nice house (provided good design consultants have  many years of experience in the office, especially experience outside the  school) for beautiful villas What is the owner of the villa? First of all, they will  have a structured, coherent and well-structured mansion that  fits the needs and functions of all  family members. The area will make the most of the area for living, transportation, transportation  is very convenient, there are air wells, floor clearance to get light  and ventilation for the area, not light. The flat will create  spacious spaces, square, turn the convex hollow, ugly wall, Colored walls to wardrobe, wardrobe, cabinets decoratively  reasonable. The grounds are interwoven in the green spaces of the bonsai,  softer than the dry architectural lines, ...

- Hire a consultant to design beautiful villas, nice house (provided good design consultants have  many years of experience in the office, especially experience outside the  school) for his beautiful villas. , what is the host? They also have a  beautiful appearance outside the villa, which is suitable for personal preferences and requirements  , suitable for the surrounding urban environment, suitable for  construction technologies and materials. The most advanced construction, affirmed the  style of own villa owners.

- Hire a consultant to design beautiful villas, beautiful houses (provided good design consultants have  many years of experience in the office, especially experience outside the  school) for beautiful villas or houses. What is the beautiful villa owner? Since the  villas have not been formed, they have been able to see intuitively, feel the  space of the villa to make appropriate adjustments, avoid the  errors and discomfort when beautiful villas were actually and it is very difficult  to change those inconsistencies. Villa owners can also know and  estimate the cost of the entire beautiful villas, from the master to the smalldetails  , to adjust the types of materials to suit, avoid the play Too many costs in the construction process, ensuring the schedule.

- In addition, to some consultancy units have studied feng shui, beautiful villa owners  are also calculated space, layout of the main door, stairs, kitchen , kitchen direction, bedroom, bathroom and furniture fitting with feng shui, so that  when indoors feel comfortable, comfortable, doing business with  luck, is the leverage for career and health. The design of villas, beautiful houses,  offices, hotels, factories, commercial centers ... need to attract  gas to the house.Enlightenment can be like the radio station, like the bright,  neat, neat, clean, green grass, like the fragrant smell,  mellow sound, cheerful ... and vice versa Gas is afraid of the dark, messy, dirty dirty. The gas does not like the fading, barren, devastated .... Life in many  in beautiful villas in particular and works in general and stored is  very good for you.

- When planning to build a beautiful villa, the owner of the beautiful villa should provide the  designer with summary information about the family, the plot and the preferences  of the family members as needed. How many floors,  garage or not, living room area, how to use the dining room  with kitchen space and how many people need minimum layout, how many  bedrooms, there are Make more children's room? The design of  the villa is modern, neoclassical or classical ... The more  detailed the list of details, the more designers have the basis to imagine the living conditions  of the owner of beautiful villa to That leads to the right design solution.

- On the interior design in beautiful villas (including page design  ceilings, walls, floors, lighting design, design and furniture design, ...)  Actually not needed immediately At this stage, but if you start immediately the  early design can help to improve the house. Because if after the construction of  the raw house began to design furniture, interior experts say  that it is necessary to break the wall, build another wall array, ... then  the cost to change will. Expensive and time consuming construction.

   If you look at the spatial dimension, there are two types of  Villas: Garden Villa  and Street  Villa . Garden villas have large yard, low building density. The garden villa has beautiful outside exterior of the villa, usually built in quiet countryside, beautiful scenery, very good resort. Therefore garden design landscape elements are very important. The City Villa has less garden area and is usually built in the city. 

 Nowadays, there are many design companies that after contracting with their customers  , they do not directly design (sell design contractor) for another small design group (called B commode), they keep 40% to 60% of the contract value  . So the receiver (B comm.) Is only 40% - 60% of the contract value and B is usually the new graduates, engineers graduated (not  experienced), even the students are. learn the implementation. Therefore, the design quality  of the villa is poor, many shortcomings, not practical and when put to  work will not be more reasonable and the dam to fix it is of course. When this happens, you are the most disadvantaged: poor aesthetics,poor quality, prolonged construction time and costs increased,  poor use. When selling design bids, the B side receives small remuneration  plus weak capacity and experience, so the design time  is doubled, from 04 months to 6 months for the design of a base. Villa.

 - The design price reasonable for beautiful villas in particular and the projects  Hotel, House, Restaurant, Office, Factory in general invite you to  view  the design of construction . Designers with low quotes tend to  have weak capacity, so the quality of the design file is poor and the construction owner  has to dismantle and repair several times and this makes the cost of the  villa. will be higher than the difference in design fees, poor quality villas. In addition, the design contractors get a low price, they design it really waste ( 30 tons of iron, for  example, they add 9 tons more to the responsibility  , so the price of the iron component of the building. surpasses nearly 180 million dong. Similarly the concrete they are wasting so. This  causes huge damage to the owner)  .The design cost for beautiful villas is  not large, so you should not hammer but choose the weak design contractor will cause great damage to yourself (the investor).

*** A perfect villa design needs the following elements:

       * Designing company: Directly designed villa, beautiful house design (not design contractor  ), architect and construction engineer must have many years of design experience in  the office and many years to go. Out of work, have good professional ethics  .  

       * Architecture: Beautiful exterior villa design, especially the facade should be  beautiful and suitable for the surrounding landscape, layout of the floor, reasonable  ventilation, natural light is exploited in a way. Thoroughly, bring  natural light to all rooms. Need to create a natural well for  natural air. Limit the use of air conditioning to prevent sinusitis, cold ... and  also limit the use of fans, because using more fans will cause dehydration, dry  skin. Ceilings and walls should be designed in detail to create decorative panels, while filling the  concrete columns protruding from the walls, in the ceiling should show some decorative lights  , colors walls, ceilings, slightly kitchen. Beyond the elements beautiful, airy, reasonable function we need attention to feng shui

Kitchen type, kitchen position, stairs, number of stairs for each floor  in the Birth (4N + 1) or Aging (4N +2) where N belongs to the set  of natural numbers. If the house has many floors, bed should not be placed  on the kitchen (stove) should not be "on fire". Bathrooms and WC are not  located above the kitchen.Doors are very important to create a living  environment. The size of the main entrance to the house and the doors of the dining room,  kitchen, bedroom, worship room, living room need to take the hole  with the ban  good supply (finance, fortune, , science, joy, sand, son ...)  ; Separate the door to the toilet must take a hole with a bad bow to limit the gas to the area is not clean  . In the mathematical proposition, the wrong thing goes wrong. (The uncleansanitary area of  size with the bad supply of the entrance to the toilet will  not give birth to air here, so vitality comes to where we are. need ). Choosing the size of the door so the life will go to places  such as church, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, stairs ... so  designers need to know Feng Shui works. will be a lot better . In addition, if you live generously, have compassion along with design Proper feng shui will make his career develop fast, sustainable,  happy family, good health ...

       * Structural part: Prior to designing the engineer must know the geology of the  place to build beautiful villas, to design the nails accordingly (If  not know geologically can lead to unguided nails. or  may lead to great waste for the owner). To ensure steady for  the whole construction beautiful villa consists of basement, steady beam, columns, beams, floors, bracing, walls , ...  Now there are a number of structural engineers is weak, not knowledgeable about architecture should  arrange Momentum, pillars protruding from the wall, many of them are cramped inside the villa, lost  space, space encroachment, lost aesthetics. Therefore, the structural design needed  to ensure good strength while ensuring the aesthetics of beautiful villas.Show There are many experienced and weak structural engineers, so instead of  the design from the foundation to the roof, for example 20 tons of iron, it is safe  and strong. These engineers lacked responsibility and lack of confidence, so they  added another 7 tons of iron for peace of mind (a total of 27 tons of iron). This causes the phenomenon "crispy crunch " structure and a great waste for the  owner. Designing structures need to ensure the force but must be reasonable. This  is only good engineers, experienced, conscientious and responsible to  implement.

       * Electrical system: It is necessary to design the pipes and electrical cables  of good quality, note how many rooms are in each room, how many lamps, air conditioners , ... Overload. The main line from the clock  must be a large cross section. Should design with grounding wires, it is recommended to design  shock-resistant circuit breakers for each floor. It is also a good idea to design a backup generator  and line. In addition, some high-end projects are designed to  add electrical control and touch to all locations in the  beautiful villa.

       * Plastic drainage system:

Need to design good pipes  (longevity). At present, there are a number of sewer design companies  located in the columns. This is a very serious fault, because the plastic pipes  in the column will reduce the column strength of the concrete to  reduce the strength, not to mention the water in the process ofcracking can be  water permeability. This leads to the iron column, dangerous for the work. After  the use time, the water pipe will be aging and the water to the column to cause damage  to the building. The plastic pipes draining water to the manholes need a rabbit to keep the water, so  as not to smell from the sewer into the beautiful villa.

       * Telecommunications system part:

Cable TV, ADSL or  WiFi, telephone wire, CCTV, doorbell screen ... should be clearly shown  in the design of the villa or beautiful design.

       * Lightning protection:

If your work is higher or equal to  the work next to it, it is necessary to design lightning protection system, including  lightning collecting needle (lightning collecting needle with 51m, 41m, 20m, ...) , copper wires  lead from the lightning collecting needle down to the piles and into the ground.

       * Fire protection and fire alarm if needed:

 This is usually used  for hotels, restaurants, offices, factories, etc. In the case  of villas or beautiful houses, if you have economic conditions should use firealarm  and fire automatically, to secure for man and goods.

         The design must have exit doors (very necessary in the event of an incident): On  all floors (if the house has a balcony) must have a door to open the balcony  (the door will exit good than many doors open). If the  alley is less than 6m without a balcony, it can make an indented balcony (called a  lot) and open the door to exit to escape. If you do not do the balcony, the window in the  front of the floor is guarded iron frame and here the hinges are locking thesecurity frame  (in case of fire or explosion, unlock the protection frame to escape  ).

       In order to successfully complete the design of the beautiful villas mentioned above, the  implementers must be good architects who have good and good minds, many years of  practical experience and good, have many years of practical experience in the field.

        Quoc Cuong Construction - Trading Co., Ltd, we have a good  manpower Architects and engineers with good and good mind, have over  twenty years of experience, have experienced Feng Shui experts to  design with the best quality for your beautiful villa, your works.

Please come to Quoc Cuong Company to receive the best service  with the best quality. You can find more information on building house . 


 Quoc Cuong has designed this beautiful villa. Location: An Giang Province



Villa designQuoc Cuong Company designed this beautiful villa. Location: Binh Phuoc Province 










Design Villa. Beautiful villa, 2-storey villa. Investor: Ms. Le Thu Trang. Location: Hau Nghia, Long An Province. Land area: 18m x 52m. 04/2017 










With the world constantly evolving. The trend and demand for aesthetics rose, each Homeowner wants to own a  beautiful villa.

Designing beautiful villa?

 It is the creativity - passion - enthusiasm of the team of architects. We have tried not stop for many years.

To bring customers a beautiful villa design, customer satisfaction. We always change the style of design to suit the preferences of the host and in accordance with modern trends.

 Villa  design  has two styles that the leading architects always use to create the design world famous. It  combines the unique harmony and  style of ancient architecture  classic  or  modern  with the surrounding landscape. The  architectural approach must ensure that the functions and cubes must reach the appropriate proportions. Nice and luxurious are the two most basic factors to create a   beautiful villa .

Designers of villas outside the high aesthetic must have the thinking and experience in terms of structure, function and knowledge of new materials to provide a convenient layout of facilities, convenient to fit. feng shui elements such as sunny direction, wind direction, bad bow according to the owner's bowl in the house to achieve the best interior space. The value of the villas is that the interior and the beauty of the cubic is proportional and blends with the nature, the garden, the lake outside the building to create the perfect place for families. 


In addition, the beautiful villa  is a complete space designed and built relatively private and has a large area, usually both spacious and spacious interior and a separate entrance. .

  To be able to own a beautiful villa design. You first choose yourself or consult experts to choose for yourself a nice design villa type.

With experience, prestige over many years We want you to know clearly about the process when designing beautiful villas. With 4 simple but professional steps:

 - Step 1: Investigate the site, determine whether the site is impacted by external factors that affect the feng shui of the villa or not, Determine the stability of the land through the works. Expertise and learn information around. Determine the direction of the land's surface to protect the sun and wind for the beautiful house.

 - Step 2: Determine the center of the house and how to place the house on the land to match the owner. Place the bowl in the center of the house to determine the location of the room according to the principle of hygiene and the kitchen must be placed in deep places to bad trajectory, the master bedroom set good bow head, the main door placed in good bow and look good direction along with the altar and the kitchen. After identifying the main function in the beautiful house, go to the next step.

 - Step 3: Determine the location of the map in each room so that the  feng shui  and convenient in use, beautiful and then from the map that we determine the location of opening windows and doors to reasonable (work Furniture and doors should be calculated in parallel to provide the most harmonious approach. A nice room must harmonize the location of the map, decorative ceiling, wall and picture, curtain on the wall.

 - Step 4: From the position of the door began to find the protruding block, indented to create a beautiful architectural façade, harmonious in proportion, balance the yin and yang to create works. condensed soft, airy. In addition, the way to allocate garden, lake, fence, walkway in the villa is also very important to create the beauty, the luxury of the villa.

In terms of space, villas can be divided into two types: urban villas and garden villas.

Garden villas are the Vietnamese way of calling the villa has a large garden area. The urban villa  is a villa with less garden area and is often seen in the city.Speaking of beautiful villas can not fail to mention the garden, landscape. However, it is possible to temporarily accept the concept of garden villas is a large garden villas with low building density, often built in quiet countryside, beautiful scenery and more resorting to resort. Therefore, in the garden villa design, landscape factors are extremely important.


The garden is mixed multi-angle decoration cottage .




A small corner scene combines feng shui




The green space outside creates a sense of peace and closeness

In the garden villas, it is not difficult to create gardens, because it is always large. However, to create a beautiful and unique garden is extremely difficult. It requires a harmonious combination, ingenuity in the layout and accurate calculations of the designer to create a harmonious overall, bringing a feeling of comfort and convenience for the user.

Street houses are new types of housing that appear to meet the needs of urban development. 

The design of the urban villa allows the urban escape from the cramped feeling of the compacted houses without occupying as much space as the monotonous tube houses are becoming more and more popular. The combination of two different styles of tube houses and villas has created a unique style and has a large attraction.


Town villas with a small area but still exalted luxury and class


The idea of urban villas began with the desire to improve the rigid image of hinterland houses that were limited to horizontal and lack of light. Townships are generally characterized by a narrow front, usually from 6 - 10m. The front house over 8m is conditional design side yard. Due to the large area of land, villas are often higher than the garden villas. Rising the upper floors deep to make the house feel less deep, creating space to bring green trees to the floor is the solution commonly seen in the city villas. The form of urban villas is very diverse, from modern style with blocks, plaque to classic style with sloping roofs, arches, columns, ... But what style of homeowners also need to pay attention to fit The architecture of the neighborhood, because the street is located near other houses in an architectural community, not isolated as garden villas.

  What factors to have a beautiful villa design?

Beautiful villas are the desire of almost everyone, because when it is owned, it proves to be economical and skillful in his career. To have a nice villa you will have to spend a lot of money as well as effort into it. So if there is a beautiful villa design right from the beginning, it will help quite a lot in the construction as well as decorating the interior. 

Consistency in the design of beautiful villas:

To have a beautiful and perfect design, first  you  need a good architect and experienced in the design of  beautiful villas  . Because team KTS We who always brings the design style that  you  need, to the mansion of  her  more beautiful and completely  perfect.

To be consistent with this. We will be the same with you  in terms of ideas - design,  to create a beautiful villa. 
Get the design in hand,  you  will see the perspective of  the villa  from architectural to interior. You will no longer worry about aesthetics anymore. Because  in the design of the interior of the  villa ,  we  have helped you choose materials available for construction,  so you  can control the source of your money avoid the situation does not deserve. 

In order to have a nice villa design, interior space is also an important component. 

At first we mentioned. Beautiful villa is a perfect space. 

Villa  Beauty  is always a perfect space and full convergence of factors have housing space, with garden space. With villa space, the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms ... will be individually designed, thus requiring a relatively large area when building villas. At the same time, in a villa, more space is needed for functional rooms such as reading rooms, relaxation rooms, playgrounds, swimming pools and warehouses.


Garden is an indispensable element with a villa



 The living room looks out to nature


Thus, a true mansion must always be full of elements, separate, perfect and luxurious. Intimacy and chaotic arrangements are the ultimate in villa design.One thing to pay great attention to is "not expensive." Sometimes they need to have a harmonious combination to create the perfect space. We always meet the best requirements for you.

                                We would like to introduce some styles of villa interior design: 

The design of the villa as well as the design of the apartment, common house or other buildings, there are many styles and trends to choose from. There are several styles such as  classic style, neoclassical style, oriental style, modern style, vintage style, country style, retro style, eco style, style Mediterranean, contemporary style, ... Along many trends, design trends such as Pop Art, Color Block, Maximum, Minimalist, Electric ... usually villas in Vietnam usually divided into two types:  TV modern and modern. Modern, dynamic and simple designs, bearing the breath of the times, are the perfect choice for young people or those with a modern lifestyle. In contrast, classic design suits those who prefer elegance, antique and quiet. 

That is what we want you to understand and do not hesitate to help you choose the right decision.

So how is the design of the villa beautiful? 

 T design villas are beautiful to create a comfortable, gentle and gentle feeling for the  Home . Not have to invest a lot of money, buy land is so wide, there is nice surrounding space can create a beautiful villa. "Beautiful" here  you  have to understand not only the appearance, the interior comfort but also the elements of Feng Shui color, the layout of the combination of natural scenery.   

Villas are a common term for high-end luxury homes. To  design  beautiful villas  require architects must have artistic heart and aesthetic. This we confidently claim to be one of the leading companies. 

When you have sufficient economic, time and available in the hands of a large area of land, to satisfy the needs of customers for a  beautiful villa  should not take the risk of making decisions in a hurry. For your villa that needs to thoroughly explore the architecture of interior and exterior construction, the layout is appropriate to make your villa more logical and beautiful. And it is important to refer to many different villa designs to get the best one. 

In order to have a beautiful villa architecture, the choice of composition for the whole villa is very important, the layout of each villa depends on the area of construction, with the land not too wide, so avoid the layout of the house. in the middle, because this layout will leave the two sides of the narrow space, making it difficult to arrange the garden. The plan of the villa should be designed to get the harmony between the outside and the interior, the beautiful scenery priority room, dining room, bedroom ... should not be to the living room, dining room Too small, living spaces must be exposed to natural outdoor light. 

For large-scale villas, consideration should be given to varying degrees of altitude between the surrounding spaces, making reasonable changes that will create attractive spaces. Exterior architecture must be designed in harmony from the master to the details. It should have a special impression of the house to create the character, personality of the owner of the letter. 

The characteristic of the villa is the garden, whether the city villa or garden villas must have a land area used to plant trees and flowers. The garden is a beautiful landscape, luxury for the house, this is also the highlight of the villa when looking outside, garden views of the villa is also a place for families to relax, play and organize. outdoor parties When design We always pay attention to the type of villas to have appropriate garden style, bring more green and close to nature. 

Villa or any house can not lack windows, doors, if possible, add the balcony. These are impressive points and add to the charm of the villa. Without a window frame, the façade architecture of the house will no longer be as pleasing and it becomes a hard, unattractive surface. 

At the entrance of the villa you need to design how to suck eyes and attract people's eyes. Do not let a space so big that it is empty and nothing impressive.You can use flower pots, tree baskets, art statues or miniature miniature designs for this area. 

The overall villa design must be appropriate. All details of the mansion location, color, swimming pool, garden, gate, construction site should be calculated and overall perspective to create a beautiful and reasonable space for needs of homeowners.

If you want to own a beautiful villa, impressive style. We will help you design and construction for you the most beautiful villas. 

We are professional * prestigious will always accompany and satisfied customers.

 _ Quoc Cuong is a collective of architects-engineers skilled construction workers and skilled, experienced hundreds of large and small projects. We will make you satisfied from design to construction.

Quoc Cuong always help you perfect your ideas into the actual works. 

Quoc Cuong is committed to making your colleagues and family overwhelmed by the magnificence and luxury of your villa. 

By detailed, accurate and reasonable estimation, we will help you do not make any mistakes. 

To our customers, we will receive the best discounts on the market using our construction and construction services. 

In addition, we also help customers save some unnecessary costs of beautiful villas.


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