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Quoc Cuong responds to frequently asked questions.

1. Does Quoc Cuong provide package services to customers from AZ? That is from the design idea to the time the drawings are made for beautiful villas and beautiful homes?

We have full conditions and capabilities to complete from the beautiful villa design phase and beautiful house to the construction phase. We have a team of high quality workmanship for the construction of beautiful houses and a workshop specializing in producing all kinds of furniture for beautiful villas and beautiful houses.

2. So if we have done design services with Quoc Cuong but want to choose Quoc Cuong as a construction contractor or production equipment, what incentives?

We have many incentives to attract customers to the construction service after the end of the design contract. These are: 
- Customers will be guaranteed beautiful villa design and beautiful house made out is done perfectly and perfect because we always closely supervise the process of building beautiful villas, build beautiful houses from the beginning late. 
- Customers will be entitled to a 50% discount on the design fee of over 8 million and 100% of the design value of less than 8 million on the value of the construction contract. If you choose other construction contractors, customers can not have this advantage.
- Our customers are still not sure why our prices have risen, whereas the prices are always lower than the average of the market. This will be confirmed when you compare our prices to the general market at the same time.

3. Quoc Cuong Construction Company Limited directly or subcontract works to subcontractor (B)?

       Quoc Cuong Company is directly executing with the staffs and workers as follows: Each project has from 1 to 2 commanders of the project, these people have gone through professional training (construction engineers ) and has many years of experience in construction and especially very responsible with high skilled workers, many years of experience and some auxiliary workers to fill the main workers. All the technicians and workers mentioned above work under the guidance of the company's board of directors and receive salary directly from Quoc Cuong Company every Saturday afternoon (salary officer monthly).

       The materials we import from reputable and branded factories should be of good quality and the price is lower than that of our customers, because we buy in large quantity. Each year Quoc Cuong Company can buy over 600 tons of iron and steel, 5,000 tons of cement Hocim PCB40 and Ha Tien 1 PCB40 and many other materials.

Quoc Cuong        Construction Company Limited   directly builds villas and houses (absolutely not delivered to subcontractors). Therefore, the materials, labor and contract price are put into the whole project. Therefore, the beautiful villas, beautiful houses ensure the highest efficiency in terms of quality, aesthetics and on schedule.

        With other construction companies that do not directly execute, only the subcontractor will do so, the company has kept for himself 15% of the contract value, subcontractors only receive 85% of the value of the contract. copper. Therefore, the works will be of poor quality, slow progress and subcontractors will earn some additional investors to increase the cost of construction works. Not to mention the main contractor does not give money for subcontractors to make works can be unfinished.

4. Why do I have to rent a house design architecture company for me, while any team of construction workers, even myself can also draw the pattern?

You are confused about a design template. Please indicate the benefits when you hire a professional design unit to perform the service: 
- Your model does not simply meet the demand for use, but will be mindful to create beautiful space. , interesting, stylish. 
- The complex technical systems of a house (such as a giant machine) without careful calculations from an experienced unit can cause errors in the construction process, This leads to inadequate quality of construction, and costs are ineffective. 
- When designing, you will receive design supervision from start to finish, to ensure the house is built will be the same as in the original design.
- Invest in time in the design, you will have the opportunity to study the layout of the home space, rather than when finished construction is not satisfied.

5. What is the interior design, this work? Is there any furniture arrangements?

You think so but not enough. The layout and arrangement of furniture for a reasonable use and living is just one of many issues set in the interior design.In fact, the interior design work brings the following results: 
- The room space was studied layout furniture, ceiling design, flooring, painting walls, layout lighting and general lighting. fine art, in order to create each space aesthetic and personal style, in accordance with the preferences and personality of the user. 
- The furniture in the room such as tables, chairs, beds, cabinets are appropriately styled, in the general style of the whole space. 
- Space is studied in detail about the feng shui, ensuring the best for the life of the user.
- Products are displayed in a holographic image on the computer, helping customers visualize the best of space as it was completed. 
- The entire technical system is deployed in details, the most effective service for the construction of the future. 
- The design unit will be responsible for supervising the design of the building until completion.

6. What can Quoc Cuong do besides construction and interior design services?

Answer: In addition to the two main services mentioned above, we have many other services to help customers complete the process of building a project from the idea to the final completion. For example, the services of "turnkey" or "contract labor" construction of architectural works, family houses, villas, manufacturing and installation of equipment for space construction supervision, construction permit application, construction permit and land use right certificate (red book), inspection of design documents, feng shui consultation, etc. These services are standalone, customers can request any service. If you use multiple services will have certain incentives.

7. What are the different "design oversight" and "construction supervisors"?

Actually many people are misunderstood between these two concepts. Please explain: 
- Design supervision: this is the responsibility of the design unit during the construction process. It is the responsibility of the design team to assist the construction team with the problems in the design dossier and to correct the design dossiers if any. Design supervision does not imply on-site supervision of the engineering team.
- Construction supervision: This is a location that can be taken care of by the owner himself or by a subcontractor (Quoc Cuong also provides this service).The construction supervisor must be present at the construction site according to the schedule arranged with the landlord to ensure the construction works are in accordance with the design, no technical errors, no phenomenon of eating materials and works. They must satisfy the requirements of fine art and fine art according to the requirements and current standards of the State.